Enjoy the fun of Australian Dollar Pokies and play in your local currency!

The Australian Dollar pokies is now an accepted currency at most online casinos! No longer do you need to first change your money into another currency before you can play. Also, there is no more need to convert it back into your local currency when you’re done!

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Safe money!

Exchanging foreign currencies can be a very costly affair. The difference between the purchasing and selling prices of different currencies can cause pokies fans to lose interest in playing at AUD online casinos just because of the money they will lose in foreign exchange rates. This is without even considering the processing fees some online casinos charge for the additional service! The solution for an Australian Pokies player is to play in Australian Dollar pokies, instead of losing funds in the foreign exchange process and additional service fees!

The suppliers

Online casinos realised the dissatisfaction of Australian pokies players when they had to go through lengthy and troublesome efforts in order to change their funds into the accepted currencies of the hosting casinos. Great strides have been made in providing a better service to these pokies players by accommodating this demand. Various casinos decided the cost of implementing new software which will allow for different currencies was worth keeping their customers happy. So no more hassles to change your Australian Dollar pokies into another currency before you can join in the fun! It is also much less of a hassle to withdraw your funds!


Poker machines are most probably the most popular game played at casinos against computers. This is ideal for customers who are less confident when playing at poker tables instead where they will play with a dealer and other live players. It is an excellent starting point for players who would like to learn or master the game of poker without having to rely on somebody else to give them good and accurate advice! Playing with the Australian Dollar pokies ensures that you do not waste money on costs instead of enjoying your game. Practice makes perfect and this is an excellent way to gain the experience needed in becoming a high roller!

Casinos accepting your currency

With brilliant search engines available, it is quite easy to find an online casino which allows you to play in your currency. More and more casinos accommodate Australian players as they would like to keep their customers loyal. This is only achievable when a customer is satisfied with the service provided by the online casino where they play their favourite Pokies games. Simply open your browser and type Australian Dollar pokies, pokies into your search bar. It is good advice to ensure the casino you choose has an excellent reputation with financial transaction times, offers you a wide variety of pokies games and has consultant available 24/7 to assist you online in case of queries or complaints.

To conclude

Australian casino online pokies players can play their favourite games in their own currency! No more hassles with exchanging your currency to a currency which suits your online casino. You will also safe a lot of money on foreign exchange purchasing and selling rates and possible service charges raised by casinos to exchange your currency on your behalf. Use your Australian Dollar pokies now and join in the pokies fun!

$1,000 AUD Over 500 Games
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$2,000 AUD Over 450 Games
$750 AUD Over 450 Games