Microgaming Online Pokies casino Magic!

Microgaming is one of the oldest and most respected online casino platforms in Australia today. Founded in 1994, it has been cementing its reputation as an industry legend ever since. In its huge portfolio of phenomenal games is the industry’s widest range of pokies machines. Enthusiasts will love exploring the ever-expanding range of top-drawer machines!

The privately-owned company has been at the forefront of many ground-breaking innovations, and was one of the first developers to see the potential in mobile game play. Its constant development keeps things fresh and new for players, and its always exciting to see what new directions the enterprise is moving in. The driving force behind its innovation is the dream team of experienced scientists, graphic designers, artists and engineers. These professionals, at the top of their respective fields, collaborate to produce incredible online casino products and solutions. Operators and players alike trust the Microgaming Online Pokies name like no other.

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This trademark blend of creativity and excellent standards is most clearly seen in the amazing range of pokies machines. Currently offering over 350 games, the range is always expanding and no enthusiast could ever complain of being bored. In addition to releasing more new pokies titles than any other game stable, the creative team is also constantly looking for ways to deepen and improve the experience of spinning the reels for players. Their clever innovations include multiple games linked to one large jackpot, multi-player games, entertaining bonus rounds and their movie-themed Cinematic Spins. Australian online casino Aficionados across Australia are truly spoilt for choice, and every offering is absolutely world-class with immersive graphics and sounds of the highest quality.

The Microgaming online pokies platform allows games to be played for real money or in a no-deposit “fun” mode, so that players can get familiar with the games before deciding where to wager their hard-earned cash. With the huge range of choices available, this is especially valuable when trying to choose an online casino pokies game! The technology may be played in a Flash format on device through a web browser, or may be downloaded as programmes on traditional devices and applications on mobile tablets and smartphones. Online Australian casino visitors using Microgaming online pokies software have the benefits of a dedicated wireless playing solution in Gamewire, and many of its most popular game titles have been adapted beautifully for the smaller machines.

One of the best features of online Australian casinos is that they award truly impressive best casino bonuses to players, to compensate for not offering the many comps and live entertainment of land casinos. This can add huge value and fun to a user’s online pokies experience. The most popular Microgaming online pokies bonuses are the detailed and immersive Bonus Feature Games which are usually cleverly tied into the machine’s themes, while the Free Spins and Stacked Wilds are a close second, Some games also feature the Gamble Feature (which offers the chance to double wins), Re-Spins and other special bonuses. Many of the thrilling pokies machines also combine different bonuses, meaning players can win even more!

Microgaming online pokies motto of together we are the game, is well-illustrated in its incredible suite of pokies games. With such energetic innovation, fabulous prizes and dedication to the highest standards of quality, every enthusiast will feel at home!

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