Simple and sophisticated deposits with POLi

Whether played online or offline, pokies games are the lifeblood of almost all casinos in Australia.

Whether online or offline, pokies games are at the very heart of nearly every casino in Australia. Spinning the reels delivers a sheer exhilaration of spinning that is impossible to beat! The incredible bonuses and promotions that are exclusive to these games provide the perfect finishing touch to the playing experience, with the tantalising prospects of life-changing wins adding even more thrills!

With such jaw-dropping sums on offer, good banking security is vital to every quality online casino. Many trustworthy options are available, and they all strive to deliver safety and peace of mind to players. Maintaining such high standards is very challenging, and different users also have different preferences and needs. Careful review of all banking options before making an informed decision is always recommended!

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POLi, short for “Pay Online”, is one of the simplest and best transaction systems available today. It is owned and operated by Cetricom Pty Ltd, a Melbourne-based company, and allows customers to use their normal online banking services for casino transactions in Australia. No personal or banking information is required, making this method a very appealing option to players who are nervous of the real security risks posed by sharing such data online. A huge client base of more than 33 million means almost all respectable online casinos in Australia accept this payment system, and sometimes even offer exclusive bonuses just for using it!

This sophisticated system was designed with the goal of simplifying players’ money management, and it has certainly succeeded! Its user-friendly website shows this off perfectly, with a clear outline and demo effortlessly helping new players to understand the system. Outstanding customer support also keeps play moving smoothly with minimal interruptions, and is available via email and a very through FAQ page.

It is very simple to set up the POLi system, with the first step being to download the software. Users need to confirm that their machines meet the software requirements, which can be done on the website. They can also access advice on upgrading or installing software from here. When they wish to deposit funds, players navigate to the casino’s banking interface, open an account, choose POLi as their payment method and then log into the system. The installed software automatically fills in all required details, and users confirm the bank transfer. As a final perk, this simple system is also free – players only pay their bank’s transfer fees!

By working through clients’ existing bank accounts, the system is able to use all of the trusted security that comes with them. No personal details are ever given to third parties, and POLi itself can never access any internet banking passwords or other user details. These stringent security measures are more than enough to ensure the peace of mind of even the most anxious players!

The one disadvantage of this system is that it cannot be used to make withdrawal at the moment, Should players decide to use POLi, they will need to arrange a separate means of withdrawing funds. However, most players feel that the unsurpassed convenience and ease of this system more than makes up for this slight extra effort!

With such incredible security and service, as well as elegantly simple design, POLi’s wide appeal is very understandable. The system is definitely worth investigating for every self-respecting, serious player!

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